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Install windows server 2012 essentials on hp mediasmart free download.How to: Install Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2 on the EX490

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Windows Server R2 The Essentials Experience – PDF Free Download

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Windows Home Server has had a long history that came to a fairly abrupt ending. Now those home users with big data requirements are forced to move to Windows Server Essentials. The latest version Server Essentials R2 is still in preview, but with the announcement that Win8. The software that shipped on the box is Server , a 10 year old operating system which needs to dissapear.

Before we get started on the steps involved, know that these come from my personal experience after going through the process. The first step is to eliminate any unnecessary data, this will make the process much faster. I was able to clear at least 2TB of old installers in my download folder and I also deleted my entire music folder I have Spotify now. Install drives in PC This process will require a number of extra drives depending on how successful you are in step 1.

Install the spare drives that in total amount to a larger capacity than the amount of your data. You will need to connect these to a machine running Windows 8. This takes a bunch of disks and creates a storage pool you can throw data at.

Forget about drive letters for data, gaming, programs, photos etc. You can do this in the Control Panel, look for an item called Storage Spaces. The reason we need fresh drives is that this process will erase any data. Before you move on, ensure the data copied over without error. Go and open photos, documents etc from the new location to confirm. At this point I would turn off your PC and disconnect your storage space drives to ensure that data remains safe and no accidents happen.

I chose the OS drive from my EX Again this will be formatted. Take the drive out, install it into the drive caddy and slide it into the bottom drive bay of the EX Install fresh drives You can now install your original drives back into the server and then go through the process of adding the drives to a Storage Space on the server.

Copy data back When this storage pool is large enough to hold the amount of data you copied earlier, you can now copy them back to the new updated server. Complete At that point you have completed the data migration. You could use the temp drives still in the PC as backup drives for the Server, at least until the backup to Azure option is out of beta and we have the NBN. Head to the Services and Add-ins pages from the Get Started page of the Dashboard and enable things like remote access and connect computers to backup.

Moving your critical data is a scary concept, but if you test that your data is safe and tread carefully, take your time and follow the steps, it is possible to run the latest Server OS on the EX Now those home users with big data requirements are forced to move to Windows Posted by techau on August 17, Used rarely and sparingly when the source decided to keep their identity secret, or a guest author who isn’t seeking credit.

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