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In a world that is rapidly changing and customer loyalty can drastically shift at a click of a button, we take deliberate measures to craft AI and Big data solutions that help financial institutions to be customer-centric and be on the leading edge of competition. Our solutions work for:



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Conversational Chat bots

GIKTEK offers conversational chat-bots which helps organizations to engage with their customers 24/7 without the necessity of human intervention. The bot has capability of performing about 60 -80% of the customer experience task thus giving the current staff opportunity to do more than just responding to standard queries. Using next generation natural language processing, we have designed systems with capabilities of receiving and analyzing millions of customer messages through online portals. The chat bot will also be able to pick conversations from the social media and email and provide real time service to customers who chose to engage through the social media or website. Insurance firms, banks, and other financial institutions can optimize their customer support performance and better understand their customers’ needs and issues through the bots. These systems help organizations to understand hidden and critical insights from historical and real-time customer interactions using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies

Digital KYC Facial Recognition

Digital KYC Facial Recognition

GIKTEK has developed and implemented a Digital KYC solution using the facial recognition and identification engine. The technology uses robust digital image processing algorithm to compare two photos and also to determine if the images are still or live. This solution resolves impersonation by comparing live selfie taken by customers during onboarding with pictures from IPRS. Financial institutions use this solution to automate their onboarding processes. This is achieved through plug and play API integration with existing legacy systems. The end product leads to a reduction of the onboarding time and cost. The digital due diligence platform also enables to refocuse their time, talent and resources to core business activities.

Conversational Chat bots

An online financial advisory platform which provide algorithm-based investment management services, including automated portfolio planning, automatic asset allocation, online risk assessments, account rebalancing, fund projections, setting and monitoring investment goals. The robot has the capabilities of providing unparalleled and uninterrupted service, 24 hours 7-day service to the customers. Through integration to core wealth management system the robot enables customers to access reports about their portfolio performance, Monitor the different stages of customer goals and provide alerts to customers about emerging opportunities which they can take advantage of in line with their goals. This Bot will mimic human level chatting experience with impressive accuracy thus enabling seamless communication with customers over website and social media platform (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram), It will also conduct surveys, collect market intelligence and send alerts to customers on emerging opportunities and deals which map with customers’ investment goals and risk profile.’ Intelligent Money Lending APP. This is a money lending platform which automates the entire lending process. The APP has capabilities of intelligently assessing risk, disbursing funds, managing loans and identifying fraudulent activities. The facial recognition engine embedded on the app protect our customers from the risk of impersonation. The platform employs machine learning to identify anomalous actions on real-time basis and take actions which minimize the loss of funds.


Money Lending APP

A fully automated money lending application complete with on boarding, risk assessment, disbursement, loan management and financial reporting module. The APP uses machine learning to detect and control fraud, The ML engine help to identify unusual transactions and flag it in good time. It also helps in credit scoring using both the social data, transactional data and the CRB data. The on boarding module is powered by facial recognition and identification engine which helps in minimizing identity theft.

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